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Lent: Christ’s Crucifixion in the Old Testament

Join us at 6:00 p.m. every Wednesday in Lent, beginning March 5, 2014, for services of prayer and preaching (Holy Communion on March 5, Ash Wednesday). The Rev. Dr. John Hellwege will preach on the mysteries of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, prophesied already in the Old Testament. See the full schedule here.

On Wednesday we begin moving on with Him from the Mount of Transfiguration to Mount Golgatha.  There the final glory (John 13:31).  There the final deliverance is done (John 19:30).  But where is He now?  He continues to tent among His delivered and redeemed people (tent of meeting): in His words and in the water with His name.  In the bread and wine His body and blood, “The blood of the covenant” (Exodus 24:8).  There are the twelve.  The Lord has His Israel. “Poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.”My blood.” We eat and drink with God, and are not destroyed (Exodus 24:11).  So we proclaim His death, our death for sin. His – ours.  Once for all.  No more sacrifices for sin at the old tent (Matthew 24:51) now that the sacrifice has been done in the temple of His body, destroyed and risen again (John 2:19; 1:14).  Have a good Lent.

Norman Nagel, Concordia Journal, January 1987


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