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Ascension Service

On Thursday, May 14, at 6 PM, Emmaus will be holding our annual Ascension service.   So, what’s the big deal? Ascension has become a largely forgotten holiday in the contemporary Church. People don’t decorate their homes for Ascension; we don’t give gifts or have Ascension parties. Jesus’ Ascension has been upstaged by other Christian days.

Especially in this day and age, Jesus’ Ascension can seem insignificant. In a day when we worry about devastating earthquakes, beheadings and other martyring of Christians, police brutality and rioting in the US, and even possible government persecution of churches who maintain the biblical teachings about homosexuality, what difference does it make that Jesus ascended bodily into heaven?

All the difference in the world!

Jesus didn’t ascend into heaven as a dramatic way of leaving this planet after His earthly ministry was trough. Jesus didn’t ascend into heaven in order to enjoy a well earned rest after His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection. No, Jesus Ascended into heaven to, as the Apostle’s Creed so eloquently put it, to sit “at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty.” And this sitting at the right hand of God the Father means that Jesus now reigns, along with the Father, over all creation.

Therefore, when the world seems to be completely out of control, it is Jesus’ Ascension that reminds us that He is still in control. When we wonder if knife wielding terrorists will end the Christian Church, Jesus’ Ascension points out who is really in charge. When we look at uncertainty in our own lives, Jesus’ Ascension reminds us that the one who died for us, is the same one reigning over all creation.

I therefore urge you to celebrate Jesus’ Ascension this year. If your church does not have an Ascension service, please join us at Emmaus.


In Christ,

Pastor Hellwege

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