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Emmaus member leads 4-week Gardening Club at Compass

A reflection from Chad Rolland:

I have had the privilege of leading a Gardening and Botany Club with the scholars at Compass. We have gone over basic plant biology and soil ecology, as well as the importance of nutrients and solar energy. The scholars also had fun making Oreo Cookie “soil cups” with gummy worms and chocolate pudding, coloring plant worksheets, planting their own pumpkin seeds to watch them germinate, and seeing how white pompom flowers absorb water with food coloring.

My interest in leading a Gardening Club stemmed from my love of growing different vegetables, fruits, and flowers—a love that developed from spending a lot of time in our own garden growing up. The other reason that I wanted to create this club was because of the many examples and references to horticulture that are found in the Bible. Gardening can be full of theology!

One Bible story lesson that we looked at in conjunction with seed anatomy and the process of germination was the Parable of the Sower and His Seed. It was neat to bring the story home with tangible objects and visual aids such as beans and pumpkin seeds. Another week we looked at the differences between fruits and vegetables and then read an Arch Book based on the parable of The Tree and Its Fruit. We read how it is only through Christ that we are able to produce fruit for His kingdom.

As a way of continuing to explore God’s Word through the lens of working the soil, I have set aside a small portion of the lawn on the south side of the church to be used for a vegetable  and flower garden. When the weather is warmer, the scholars and I will get to work outside. This will be a great way to put into practice what we’ve learned about both gardening and God’s Word. May God continue to nurture the seed of the Word that falls on the soil of the scholars’ hearts!


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