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Marvelous is the Moment!

Rev. Randy Golter

“But how then should the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must be so?” (Matthew 26:54).

Jesus saw all of His life as a culmination and the ending of all the events which came before. Deliverance by God through the Red Sea in the past is seen in the light of “His steadfast love endures forever,” (Psalm 136). This steadfast love is revealed concretely in Jesus, His death and resurrection and, for the believer now, through baptismal splashing. David’s building of the temple ultimately finds its completion in Jesus as the final temple (Matthew 12:6; 27:40). In Jesus, all believers are included (Eph. 2:18-22).

Seen as well is God’s judgment upon sinners, culminating in His crucifixion. His prophesying about Judgment Day not only foretells the Day’s events, but the verdict for sinners is preached in His own crucifixion. Believers in His death will spend eternity with the Father, while unbelievers will receive “eternal punishment,” (Matthew 25:46).

For Jesus—as for you—His death and resurrection is the pinnacle and completion of time and history, even as time and history unfolds until Judgment Day. What is the point? You don’t have to scramble to find some scheme to be saved or to gain a friendly hearing of the King. Jesus did it all, fulfilled the Scripture’s story. Scripture’s story is the Father’s story of how He was going to redeem sinners by and through the life, death and resurrection of His Son. And, He did it. No surprise.

Emmaus—as the whole Christian Church—basks in this marvelous unending moment of salvation in Christ. This freedom and absolute stability emboldens Emmaus to work, plan, tell, and serve with Christ as His voice and hands to tell the nations, near and far. It’s a marvelous moment.

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