Quick Information

Map of 2241 S Jefferson Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63104-2237

Our parking lot is accessible behind the church from Armand or Shenandoah.



Our Mission

Enabled by His Spirit, Emmaus Lutheran Church proclaims God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ to all people through excellent liturgical worship, bold community outreach, and dedicated, caring service to our neighbor.


What Makes Emmaus Special?

1. At Emmaus we enjoy a small, family atmosphere, which encourages faith, hope, and love to grow among members in way that can often be difficult in churches where people are anonymous spectators.


2. Preaching at Emmaus gives you the gift of Jesus Christ and Him crucified for the salvation of the world (that includes you!) in every service. Law and Gospel are distinguished clearly.  We are cared for by an ordained spiritual shepherd.


3. We have stability in our faith. Instead of following the trends of the culture or the whims of our pastor, we hold fast to Scripture and the ancient confessions of the faith.


4. Our worship service delivers the blessings of Christ to all who come to Him in faith.

  • At Emmaus, we embrace over 2000 years of Christian history, allowing the experience of the church over two millenia to shape our words, prayers, and life as a community.
  • Music conveys the sacredness of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ among us.
  • The service is filled with holy words—words that the Holy Spirit has given to us—especially in the Psalms. The arrangement of Scripture in the service is not just by the preferences of the pastor, but has been handed down from the ancient church. It all fits together to highlight and emphasize God’s holy truth.
  • Through the course of the year, our study of Scripture, preaching, and music follows the life of Christ, from before His birth to His cross, resurrection, and ascension into heaven.


5. Holy Communion, the presence of our Lord Jesus, is central to our worship every Sunday. We receive communion in the ancient fashion—from a shared cup.