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Our parking lot is accessible behind the church from Armand or Shenandoah.



What We Believe

Emmaus is the name of a town near Jerusalem where Jesus Christ appeared to two people on the evening after He rose from the dead (Luke 24:13-35). Our congregation is named after this biblical place because here, like there, Jesus opens the Scriptures to us (preaching and teaching), and is known in the breaking of the bread (Lord’s Supper).


We are a liturgical (traditional) worshiping congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Our confession of faith stands firm on the ancient creeds of the Christian Church (Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian).


“Ev.” in the church’s name stands for “Evangelical,” that is, Gospel-centered, centered on the good news of Jesus Christ. Lutherans are the original “evangelicals.” Our congregation is not evangelical protestant, nor evangelical Reformed, nor part of the “Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.” Yet every Lutheran congregation which treasures the Gospel can proudly bear the title “Evangelical.”


“U.A.C.” in the church’s name stands for “Unaltered Augsburg Confession.” The Augsburg Confession has been the foundational statement of faith for Lutherans since 1530. After Luther’s death (1546) and again in the 19th cent., some members of the Lutheran Church wanted to alter the Augsburg Confession to make it more agreeable to the spirit of the age. Congregations such as Emmaus proudly identified themselves as “U.A.C.” to show that their faith was the original faith of the Reformation, which itself was a return to the faith of the apostles and of the early Church. To read the Augsburg Confession, click here.


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